Monday, November 30, 2009

Adjust Your Monitor

I went red... a cranberry wine, and I love it. It brings energy and warmth to this section of the yard. If it looks off or puts you off, try adjusting your monitor. Just kidding. Trust me, the red is working. I added some beautiful pots, filled them with beautiful flowers and salvaged a very neglected stool, just to reinforce my decorative vision. The house stays blue, and when the termites are finished eating the red bench, then I am going to seek more decorating and project advice from all of you, because you are prompt and full of good ideas... thank you for playing along with me.

In other news :: Geoff got me a new battery and charger. My dear camera is back in business and I cannot wait to play.


  1. I like the red. A bit of pizazz like that brightens anyones day!


  2. I really like the pop of red! Yes, it's working very well!

  3. OOh! I love that colour!

    I couldn't picture a Fire engine red, but cranberry wine works beautifully! Good choice!

  4. Gorgeous, Natalie! Good job!


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