Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lunch Outing :: One Hundred Seventy Seven

Grandma Nancy and Geoff~

Before we wandered off to explore more of Wisconsin, we had another visit with Nancy. More time together to hear her tell of being in the assembly line, making anti-aircraft gun parts for battleships during WWII, how she postponed studies at the UW when her father described her country's need. She's a genuine Rosie the Rivetor! More time to admire the art of her quilted wall hangings, run an errand for her, talk about little things, and great happy things, to take her out to lunch. 

Our lunch outing was good. No, it was very good. I heard no less than three declarations about the best sandwich I've ever had, with take a picture requests, and making notes of the ingredients. I think if this trip were planned again it would mostly revolve around family, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and CamRock Cafe! Everything there was appreciated from game shelves to bicycles, from the paint on the walls to the pickle salad. 

Grandma Nancy, Great-Grandma too, talked about Mineral Point, about the Salvador Dali wall hanging waiting to be finished. We asked about cookie of the month club... Laura's brilliant gift of homemade cookies that she sends Nancy.  Nancy's friends from town come over for coffee and company when the cookies arrive. Grandma says her favorites are the ginger and spice ones with decorative icing. We remember those fondly, too from when Laura and Gary sent them at Christmas. 

With any visit with loved ones it's the same... We want to squeeze in all the stories, affection, and quality time possible, but there never is enough. We know that we will miss Nancy, the Main Street, the familiar sights, the trees, houses, shops, and their stories. The creek, the fireflies, ping pong in the basement. We'd love to be here for holidays, for any days, to fix things, to bake things, to sit together and pass more time with no particular plans at all. I value the gift of everyday kind of quality time... The kind you get if you can be neighbors or live near enough to make more regular visits. I'd like that, a lot, to have all of our family just a drive away, so we could meet on lunch outings, share more stories and affection.  

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