Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amor :: One Hundred Seventy Nine


We are filling each day with as much as we can. Exploring new places, like machine barns, cow sheds, Mustard Museums, a cheese factory. Visiting family, in their homes or meeting at a favorite pub, farmers market, around a bonfire. And from the Bird House we have regular updates from Janece, Paul... the chickens' antics, cat videos, comforting assurances that all is well at the home farm. 

Amor. Love. We find it everywhere. I look for it everywhere. And it's not that we haven't met with obstacles or mishaps. Mosquitos, tummy aches, car rental snags... Other things that delay, frustrate or disappoint. It's alright. The sky is big and the clouds are backlit in silvery light, then we think of new a plan, another way, and we move forward. And this morning, after my first restful night in weeks, I feel thankful to remember, to believe, that looking for the love is a very good place to begin. {sleep. dear sleep. I woke up all effusive and thankful, restored... full of amor. makes me giggle inside.}

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