Friday, August 12, 2016

My Grubblies Plan

This handsome roo photograph was taken by my mom, Delia, when she was in Kauai. Back at the Bird House, William is taking care of my chickens. I know they're in good hands. I'd like to think they miss me, a little at least, but I know better. Those wee chicken brains don't leave much room for sentimentality, so I have a plan. When I get home and want to reconnect with my flock I'll be reaching for some Grubblies to help me rebuild our friendships. Natalie, the Chickenblogger + Grubblies = Chicken Whisperer!

The enterprising and generous guys at Grubbly Farms have a 20% discount to share with everyone when you order Grubblies for your flock. I'm counting on these treats to win me back into the good graces of my flock!  

Use this link when you order: 

"Grubblies are not only a natural source of protein for your chicken, they also provide calcium and lysine, both of which are essential nutrients in egg-laying."

And one more thing to look forward to... A Grubbly Farms giveaway, here at Chickenblog! The chickens and I will post about that asap!

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