Sunday, November 17, 2019

November Picnic

Two in a row! Picnic Day, again! I did it... without two years going by, I organized another picnic, and more than ever I am convinced that the very best thing in the world is to invite every friend, saying pack your own lunch and comforts, then meet us at the park. It's just too easy, and brilliant. No one person is responsible for everything, and without pressure to be the host, or entertain, or whatever... well, it's just good people, nature, play, relaxation, and fun. Sometimes I get a bit worried about the guest list, or who might not make it, or "what if," but then I remind myself: Everyone is responsible for their own choices, and I like that who shows up, what happens, how the day goes... is all a surprise.



I brought paints and rocks.

Carol and Michael


Ruth couldn't join us, but she dropped off a picnic basket... which was just too too sweet, and delicious.

I just felt like painting rocks, and when everyone got into it, that was really neat!

Janece, Amira, Geoff, Carol, Michael and Paul

Eric, Maria, Geoff, Michael, Carol and Leo

Eric and Alex



Leanne, and Maria

Ok... so I want to keep this up, but I will remind myself that it has to be simple. Simple is good. No pressure. No demands. Just the hope that we often meet friends and spend hours together sharing our time and company.

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