Monday, October 17, 2016

Darling Louisa :: Two Hundred Ninety Two

Louisa the Sicilian Buttercup is just about my most favoritest chicken in all of New England. She is not merely a friendly girl, she is delightfully social, charmingly engaging, and amusingly chatty. Her clucks are lilting, as soft as contented purring, and she ends her sentences in a tone that subtly suggests inquiry. She'd like to know... What are you doing "bup-bup-bup?" Did you find a tasty treat "bup-bup-bup?" Her dearest trait? Hairdressing! She's practically famous for landing on heads and shoulders to fix people's hair. And believe me, it's a kind of thrill to meet her wide-eyed gaze when she lands and begins to preen your head! I felt nothing but honored to enjoy her visit on my shoulders. 

We lost track of time, Lauren and I, kindred chicken sisters, walking, exploring, crafting and chatting, and being in a state of bliss over pets, children, lichens and moss, glue and string, laughter, dreams, and life.  Another blessedly beautiful day in New England. 

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

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