Monday, May 07, 2018

Sweet Peas and the Shore

The stems of the sweet peas are getting shorter, and the leaves are turning gray. But still there are plentiful, and beautiful. I should invite everyone over to cut themselves bouquets. They won't be around too much longer, and it'll be a shame to see them all just fade and drop from the vines.

We had a lovely bit of rain, and so of course I had to take more sweet pea pictures, more affection and appreciation for these undulating petals, iridescent, soft, veined, supple. Oh, what a romance.

I remembered that we will be driving home from Oregon, later this spring, and I wanted to have a state park pass for parking. It's both an indulgent convenience, and a token of affection and support for our dear California. With our pass we can stop at any state park, skipping the parking fee, and enjoy a visit, a hike, a bathroom break. Imagine a road trip where you stop at every state park... that's the sort of daydreaming I enjoy. I wonder if an Internet search will help me find the unique services and specialty treats in every park... like the shave-ice at San Elijo.

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