Monday, September 27, 2004

The Usefulness of Blogs

It's just so shiny and new! If it weren't for Geoff's experience and determination this technological advancement would not be possible for me. I would be more likely cross stitching my musings on dish towels, than deciphering codes and networks.

Give me a few days, or a succesful morning, and I will figure out the new set up for posting pictures. Geoff showed me and he wrote some notes too, so I may be able to share more than Coos Bay Farmer's Market radishes. He also arranged it so I can post video links. Look for a "clip" button in the near future, then witness small, grainy video footage of us.

I am excited about the prospect of hearing from people through the comments feature. I already heard from someone that had fallen below my radar. Julie of the Northwest: I hope to hear more from you.

Aunt Carol answered my questions. I literally had a basket of very small pink, purple and delicate girly clothes waiting for their first ride through the spin cycle, but I needed counseling about soap. I know better than to wash precious little things with area rugs and four boys' shorts. I guess I will look into the cleansing powers of Ivory Flakes or Dreft. It was reassuring to hear that early baby preparedness is not uncommon, and that the real power is with Hilary Clinton. I really miss Aunt Carol.

In Vanity News: I found a better looking pair of jeans. They are definitely slimming and more stylish. I fit in my old favorite pair of jeans. They accomodate loosely, like a comfortable slumber bag, butt they do not make the "most" of shapely me (they apparently make "more" of shapely me.) The new jeans are form fitting and look good, and are really, really uncomfortable after about 27 minutes (something you can't realize in the Baby Gap fitting room.) The wide band across my abdomen feels yucky, plus they have to be hoisted up from slipping down... Yesterday, on NPR there was a report about the significance of Blogging in journalism. They obviously have not found Chicken Blog or they would not have questioned the informative and insightful usefullness of Blogs.

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