Friday, October 01, 2004

The toilet just overflowed on such a tidal scale that I am relieved to know we are all strong swimmers. Eeww. Am I crude or simply honest? Does honesty excuse discussing taboo topics, and potty repartee? Actually, I had no clever or witty remarks in reply to our toilet's outburst. Rather I was tearfully, urgently pleading, "No! Please. No. No. NO!!" To no avail.

It's been that kind of week. Nature in her infinite wisdom has seen fit to remind me that water rises, and so does vomit. Children with colds spill more drinks, and will sneeze directly in your face. They need a tremendous amount of 4 star service, but they are lousy tippers. And I can see what's coming: More. More diapers and vomit, and sneezes and fluids and nights so long you... can't finish simple sentences.

Let's not conclude that I am running scared. I am way too tired and off balance to run. It's time to put on my philosophical hat (some rubber gloves and galoshes too), and remind myself that last January I emphatically stated: " I would rather live with the chaos of having one more in our family, than live with the regret of not having one more baby." Isn't that deep?

I am off to face the chaos! Mop in hand, old towels too, and cheerful birds whistling on the window sill. When the spill is cleared and the children have been fed and ministered to, I will smile with maternal pride and grace, because I have been blessed with everything I asked for. Sort of.

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