Monday, May 10, 2010

Free The Bunny

"Dear Joe, I'm starting a Free The Bunny campaign for you. Please ask your family to use some of that lumber to build you a wide enclosure on the ground. Your toes should feel the cool blades of grass and your twitching nose should smell and touch the flowers. We put my bunny's cage lower to the ground and built a small "yard" around it. He spent his life running and exercising and digging in mounds of dirt. At night we enticed him back in his cage for safety but in the daylight he was very busy in his yard. I hope you will experiece the same happiness. Love, Zan."

Thanks to Bunny Thump Recognition Technology, Joe was able to respond to Zan's comment from Saturday's post.

Dear Zan.
Thank you. Your thoughts and kind words do my old bunny heart good. I wish I could send you carrots to show my thanks. Alas, I cannot reach the mailbox. It is good to hear about my cousin rabbits, to learn that they have led happy lives, with thoughtful caretakers. You make this world a better place for us all.

When I was a wee bunny I lived in a "rabbitat"... it was an aviary the family built for me and their budgies. In it I had lots of free space and dirt to dig and roll in. When we lived out on the Rancho I also had some free ranging room in the chicken yard and that was nice too. Then came the Tree House and Garage Mahal, where the options were limited, but they regularly brought me out on the lawn and let me run around and dig.

These days I get to enjoy jumping and digging in the SouthSide, where there are greens growing and a huge dirt pile where I scratch, stretch, and scamper. There are a lot of predators around here, and I am not sure I could afford to be out all day, but fortunately the family enjoys passing time with me, and I imagine it will be even nicer for all of us when the veggie beds are installed.

More freedom? Yes, it would be grand, and I will show them your letter, because I know that they support your vision and have good visions of their own. And next time I am out, we'll see if I can get my picture taken, so you can see me living the good life. Thank you for thinking of me.




Katie said...

I love it.

Jennifer said...

Just don't ever venture out, under the fence, and find your way to old Mr. McGregor's garden....

judy in ky said...

Every critter should be able to dig and roll around in the dirt.

Anonymous said...

Zan loves Natalie and family for loving Joe so much!