Monday, December 03, 2012

CowFolks of The Bird House

This is the cake,
that Maria designed and
her Tutu made
for the Cowgirl and Cowboy party
that Maria has been planning, and anticipating, for two years!

These are the wranglers, rustlers, cowpokes and wee folks
who came to bounce and play
for Maria's eighth birthday celebration!

This is our full house...
our happy, ample, busy,
and bustling Bird House.

Amira and Ginger


Parker and his chocolate, cowboy cupcake

Delia and James


You know it's a Western
when you have The Duke,
Baby Duke with his momma.

Ruth and Izzy and Holly,
they moseyed over, too!

Karen and Luca

Leo and the Legos

MariaElena and Charlotte and Chanay

Delia and Marie

Paul with his little cowgirl, Araiya

Bambi and Alex
at the chuck wagon.

Geoff and Natalie and James

Araiya, Paul, Adriana, Duke, and Priscilla

Wames Wamsen... he's a wansome man.

A real Western shootout... ten paces, turn and shoot.
How long is a pace, anyway?



Even the chicas were in on the fiesta.


We laughed and ran, and jumped, and bounced,
some of us even flipped!
It was a lively and lovely shindig.

Holly and Delia and Kellie

BIG KIDS' turn...
the wee folks are locked out for a spell.

Maria wants everyone to know that she had a hoot of a good time!
And she is mighty grateful and obligin'.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Geoff and I thank our friends and family, too.
We love these times, when we can share a day with laughter,
celebrating special occasions, with an extra measure of fun.



ArtyZen said...

Great photos, great fun. Happy birthday memories for Maria. Axxx

test said...

It looks like everyone had the time of there life, now I am really sorry i missed it.

judy in ky said...

It sure looks like a lot of fun! Maria had a great birthday.

Janece said...

These photos are filled with such wonderful, happy, life-filled faces! Beautiful! And celebrating dear Maria was so much fun... what a gift she is!

Miriam said...

Happy birthday Maria! I like a girl who knows how to throw a good party!