Friday, November 24, 2006


Our Thanksgiving was very good. Nicholas, Isabella, Rich and Holly came and they brought mashed potatoes and salad, gravy, cranberry relish and rolls. We feasted well. Mmmm fixin's and leftovers, and pie! Okay after the feast and clean-up we went for a little neighborhood walk. Max rode his bicycle and Alex brought his basketball. Around the corner is a cul-de-sac where the neighbors have backboards set up. In the same area is a compromised section of fence where you can get into the canyon and that's where some of us went for a slightly extended walk.

William and Maria. William is 15 and next week Maria will be 2!

Nicholas is a camera shy boy these days, but Izzy and her mommy and daddy sat for this beautiful picture.

Alex loves basketball and since September he has gotten very good.

Maria likes to play too.

The sunset was also beautiful.

Isabella finished the day by trying her first pumpkin pie. This family is clearly divided between pumpkin pie eaters and the other types, so we were in suspense. Which gene did Izzy get? Will she join the ranks of The Pumpkin Pie Club? Yes! A resounding yes, and she ate an entire slice of pumpkin pie!

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