Thursday, November 23, 2006

It works!! Do you know the dread of wandering in the cyber world without a flashlight or guide? I am sighing. I am really relieved to see that I didn't delete everything or cut myself out of the system.

Note the label at the bottom: "Gratitude." Those set up subject files, so you can find topics in Chickenblog. Cool. After years of blogging I know sorting things by subject would be nice.

As I was saying before, I woke up early and my head was buzzing with deep, bright thoughts and mostly lots of gratitude. It isn't early now, considering all the cooking and cleaning I need to do, but I do want to say my thank-yous. Thank you for...

my family... especially my husband and children
my friends
my pets
my cowgirl boots
aloe vera
HDTV... no, I'm not shallow... these are the modern wonders!
our health
my car
the rosemary I rooted from the Treehouse
the smell of Thanksgiving
my children's friends and teachers
my new dress
my camera
our green bed and the comfy quilts I sleep under
Christmas music
the peace that surrounds us, and I pray it spreads.

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