Thursday, April 02, 2015

Because Chicks, and Bunnies, and Sparkles, and Pretty

Shop pretties, for Easter, for spring, for tempting crafty romantics, like me. These are from the stops-you-in-your-tracks shop Janece and I discovered when we were out touring around the county: Urban Barn. {How did we not have children with us that day? How did we know it was a brilliant idea to wander? Why don't we do this more often, with or without children?} William, Geoff and I returned in search of something to hold some things in the living room. I was re-smitten, and Geoff and William were duly charmed, too.

Truth? I don't have much more to say about any of this... yes, I love that store, and all its many, varied temptations, but mostly I am simply looking for any excuse to sit down at the computer and try to make sense of the day, my worries, to quell the droning voice in my head that prattles on about anything not sparkly and pretty. Things like dust, and crud, credit card solicitations, long commutes, thick traffic, nameless dread, drought, plagues, hate, petty mean things, and big mean things, and things that say "boo" in the night. Yes, my head is being really annoying right now. For better, or worse, I cannot take too much "reality." News headlines, snark, derision, and other FB detritus, even the mundane chores of life management zap my will, steal my peace of mind, and leave me in the mood to retreat and surrender. I feel apologetic for not standing taller, and smiting more foes, signing more petitions, raising my fist of indignation to right all wrongs, but honestly... it's the pretty sparkly things that restore my courage and gumption. I need heavy doses of flower beds with butterflies, tall trees in deep forests, compassionate exchanges, encouraging praise, quiet reflection, a bit of glitter and glue, muffins and tea. I feel apologetic, because I hear a voice in my head that suspects that these are not serious things, not the deep thoughts and interests of intellectuals and game changers. Meekly, naively, I whisper... More tea cups! More baskets of ribbons and berries! More visits with neighbors, and chats in the market! More poetry, beach walks, sing-alongs, concerts in the park, more purple hair, and gray, and blue! May I suggest greater servings of being kind for kindness's sake, play, creation, tinkering, moving slowly, sliding, swinging, twirling, laughing? I need wild bunnies nibbling petals on dewy lawns, and I need to believe that gentle acts, caring deeply, and seeking out good can increase the good, can reaffirm my will to right wrongs, and face dust, crud, fear, and worry. {In case there is not enough glitter to get me through the nameless dreads and worries, I am thrilled to say that I have help coming today, help to sweep, dust, wipe, and get tea cups back in place. I am firmly convinced this marvelous goodness will do wonders, and spread all manner of happy ripples, including getting me off the computer, and back to attacking the domestic perils.}

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