Thursday, April 04, 2013

Art + Eggs + Flowers

Ours was a mellow, homey, happy Easter.

Simple, and wonderful. My gratitude is deep.

Wonderful! Bambi came with these flowers for us. Look at all those layers and layers of petals. And the colors. Be still my heart. I could do a search to settle the debate in my (concussed) head: Ranunculus or Dhalias? But. No. I actually enjoy a little bewilderment and mystery mixed in with my awe. I am leaning toward Ranunculus, anyway. A bloom by any other name... it still looks sweet.

I had egg fun, too.

William's fun.

Max's fun.

Alex's fun.

Ahhh... Geoff's heartfelt fun.

I think this is the point when there were eggs and baskets hidden in the garden, and Maria was squirming wildly to get outside! Everyone else? Chillin'.

Come on! The sun is shining! Chocolates are in peril!

Eventually, we got out there. Maria found a basket with her chocolate bunny, and new books. Joy!

There were coin filled eggs to find, and some of those natural fruit flavored and colored jelly beans we appreciate.

Bambi. Bambi. Maria.

They're too cute, and beautiful and artistic! I had a really hard time making egg salad the other night.

This egg of Bambi's had skirt ruffles cascading all the way down and around, with a bow on top.

Have I mentioned Geoff's diligence, patience, and sweet skills?

We need an adjective:____________________
a noun:________________________
a plural noun:___________________
and a verb:______________________

Ours was a happy Easter.
We enjoyed being home, being with friends,
and making plans for next year.


Sylvia said...

Lovely pics and eggs!

We need an adjective:______whimsical______________
a noun:________barn________________
a plural noun:_____chicas______________
and a verb:______leap________________

Natalie T. said...

Best eggs I've seen this year. Stunning. And hope you are feeling better. :)

judy in ky said...

You guys are so creative and fun! Beautiful photos.

Jenny said...

This collection of eggs is fantastic. What a bunch of creative types you have in that family! I think Bambi is a perfect addition too, with her bunny in her hair and her bow & ruffle egg. Darling girl.

Little Messy Missy said...

Very cool eggs!!!

Sylvia said...

Oh, boy, I'm a bit embarrassed – I thought you were asking US for those words!!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

No. No! Not a bit. I am inspired. And in your honor the next post will include all the whimsical, leaping, barn, chicas I can muster! Thank you, Sylvia

nikkipolani said...

Lovely lovely, Natalie. And those are ranunculus -- picotee style makes them look particularly frilly and layered. I love the image of your family all busy around a table together.

warren said...

Cool eggs...what's that metal thing in the 13th pic down? I need a blog post please