Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Under The Stars, Pass The PopCorn

It may seem that we were inspired by our long day at Maker Faire, and we were, but mostly this idea is one we have been working on for years.

For about nine years we have been fantasizing, planning, debating, saving, waiting, and hoping for an outdoor movie experience... in our own backyard. Well, we've got a yard, and so last Christmas we made the next big leap and got our hands on a projector. And now, the screen is coming together!

The initial plan Geoff had in mind was to make the frame, to hold the screen, out of wood. I cannot explain or describe it, because I never did "get it." It's okay that I did not understand the first plan, because it is the second plan that we are going with. Geoff, William, and Alex have designed and are building a PVC frame that will hold the grommeted cloth tautly enough to make a screen for Lawrence of Arabia to ride across desert sands, for Wallace and Gromit to unleash their clever creations, for a Fantastic Mr. Fox to torment Boggis, Bunce and Bean.

We have, for nine years, had hours and hours of fun thinking up ideal outdoor movies, and matching outdoor movie menus. It's fun...

"Wallace and Gromit" = Cheese and Crackers, and maybe some big, tasty veg.

"Lawrence of Arabia" = Tea, scones, falafel, hummus, flat bread, dates.

What about... tell us what you would serve with these titles?

"Monty Python and Holy Grail"

"Never Cry Wolf"


"The Princess Bride"

Or any movie... give us a favorite and match it with the perfect meal!

Construction is moving along nicely, with time for family fun and laughter. The frame is super strong, and obviously "multi-capable." And soon our plans and dreams will be fulfilled when we say "Roll film, and please pass the pop-corn," under the stars.


  1. What an amazing, fantabulous idea! Outdoor movies and food to match! How I wish I was your neighbor!

  2. What fun you will all have!!! Your kids will always remember these times....

  3. What a wonder summer you have planned. It's so exciting to see what your family comes up with. I agree with Rebecca: I wish I was your neighbor. How about Singing in the Rain? I can just see Maria dancing along!

  4. Oh, that sounds like so much fun!! American Graffiti and you should serve hot dogs, onion rings, and milkshakes! What a creative bunch you are!

  5. How fun! I remember in the 80's going to a small town near ours during the summer and they would have movies on the side of an old building...like laurel and hardy or the three stooges or something and it was a cheep fun night for all. I was talking about my chicken's to my brother and he said I should put "Chicken Run" clips...but I told him I'm a nice chicken lady.

  6. I hope that I can squeeze in under the category of "family fun". Sounds amazing!

  7. What an amazing project, I love watching movies outdoors too and Wallace and Gromit - definatelt means fun times!

  8. That is soooo cool! We could do photography presentations like that! :)

  9. For MP&tHG: very small rocks and a newt. No? Ok, definitely rabbit, and pina coladas (for the coconut, of course)

    Princess Bride: um...Rodents of Unusual Size?

    Friends of mine once did a showing of The Jerk, and served the various foods: ravioli & white bread on toothpicks, Tab, pizza in a cup...

  10. Oh gosh I would love to do the outdoor theater thing! I am inspired to give my plans another look!

  11. I can't believe it--I just stumbled upon your blog because it contained the word 'chicken' and was listed in blogs of note, which I hadn't heard of until 10 minutes ago. Chickens? Maker Faire? And outdoor movie screen? I feel like I know you already. :)

    I'm interested in your construction details, as it looks like you have a truss structure which must certainly be stronger and easier to set up anywhere. It looks great!


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