Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exempt From Buying Paint

Don't think less of me. I'm allowed to make these kinds of statements: The bed is really, really green. Mexican Green. Shiny green. Bold statement green. Show me the green. I think it stands as a testament to how much Geoff deeply loves me, because he just keeps painting and he hasn't gasped, coughed, choked, gagged or vomited about how freakin' green the bed is. I thought I was choosing the right sheen, but it's exceptionally sleek. "Nothing will stick to it," Geoff offered. The paint may not stick either. We did sand the wood, but we are having flashbacks to some old doors we painted; after a short time the paint just sort dropped off in sheets. You might think this is an opportunity to share some pictures, to illustrate in digital splendor the greeness of the green, but I wouldn't want you to have to hassle with the color adjustments in your monitor, plus you may not have protective eyewear on hand. It's all good. We haven't added the red paint I bought for the trim... hehehehe... you may be thinking "Christmas?" I'm thinking... oh, who knows what I'm thinking...

No school mañana. YES! I'm almost ready to drop out. The boys are doing very well, but I don't blame them for feeling a little worn out from homework, projects, activities, here and there errands and the random, arbitrary commandments from teachers and staff. So, a three day weekend is most welcome.


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