Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Burgers
Alex went to his new high school today for an orientation-pep-rally event.
He looked stunned by the throngs.
He was dismayed by the aisle of cheerleaders he had to walk through to get in to the gymnasium.
He was appalled by the dancing, yelling, team building hoopla.
He wasn't convinced that all of the "friendliness" wasn't just a show put on by under-paid minions.
But there were free, all you can eat, grilled burgers, so he's going to give the school another chance.


  1. OMG, we go to the new-to-the-high-school-ice-cream-social next Wednesday night. I'm the one not looking forward to it.

  2. Poor Alex. But grilled burgers (free or not) can be very persuasive. Speaking of which, I've got a terrible craving for charcoal-grilled chicken....

  3. Adam wishes he could start high school now! Next year he'll be glad to have a big buddy there.

  4. When I was ten years old, we moved and i transferred from a traditional, strict discipline school to a more permissive school (this was in the 1960s).
    I was completely overwhelmed by what I perceived to be the chaos around me! Kids were all over the place, and noisy and running free. I had a hard time adjusting to it. So, I can understand what your son is experiencing.

  5. Oh Alex,
    you are my kind of kid.

  6. Go Alex! Even I could be tempted to give school another go for free burgers! All the best kiddo.

  7. Hi, from the UK!

    I'm the same as Amy, Alex, is my kind of kid. I think I would find it all rather overwhelming now, even as an adult. I'm suppose the burgers were there to 'sugar the pill' so to speak!

    Hugs, to Alex.

  8. Free, all-you-can-eat, grilled burgers, I'm so sorry I missed it.

    Speaking of strangers in strange places, I found your site from your comment on Matt Harding's latest blog, about planting trees and other metaphors. I just had to write to someone who understood the beauty of what he's done. It sounds so dorky to glorify him being dorky, but it's all the more beautiful for being dorky (accessible). And did you read to the end of his "mailbag" section?!? I did more than stare wide-eyed at the screen.

  9. Hey, Natalie! (It's Sophie)

    I felt the same way in High School. The pep rallies never were my thing, even though I had to participate because of the band. While we didn't have massive amounts of cheerleaders, they still were pretty ominous and the "pep" was unnerving. lol. Good luck to Alex, and high school's not all bad. Just avoid the brainwashing machines!

  10. Hey Alex! Wish there were more kids like you. I work in a special day class and some of our kids don't do well around noise and excitment at all.

  11. Alex sounds just like my son! Free burgers would be music to his ears.


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