Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Would You Use It?

Seriously. What kind of emergency calls for the donning of a clown nose?
I know, some people think clowns are funny, that they can brighten a child's mood, turn a frown upside down.

Some of us know better.
Ronald-The Burger Pusher?
Clem Kiddlehopper?


Maybe "emergency" is when I am having a parental meltdown, and want everyone to jump when I tell them how high. I could don the nose, and they would think, "Holy clown nose, mom's losing it! Everyone! Clean! Polish! Play soothing music! Get the leaf-blower off the dining table!"

Yeah. Emergency Clown Nose, when you need to scare someone straight.

What emergency would bring out your clown nose?


  1. I'm thinking Patch Adams. When there is a seriously frowny face that threatens to morph into a daylong pout, perhaps timely application of goofiness could turn things around?

  2. I thought of Patch Adams, too. But I am one of those people who are frightened by clowns, so for me it could actually spark and emergency, causing me to run. I like your humor, though; "holy clown nose" made me laugh.

  3. When you look a fright naturally, but need to rush out in public. A disguise?....What a funny little thing that is!

  4. There is no emergency bad enough for me to get near a clown nose! I'm with Judy, I DO NOT LIKE CLOWNS!!!!! any clowns ... but your post made me laugh.

  5. i must be a bad mom.
    i was thinking about dressing up like one of those creepy clowns and sneaking into my teen's room at night and scaring her half to death.
    clearly not getting the mom of the year award :)

  6. I have a clown nose... Not in the little bottle. Hmm. I don't know what would constitute an emergency for me to wear it, I only had it before because I performed for a school with it.

    I know! Pie throwing target! Place nose on victim- I mean volunteer, smack with pie to remove nose...


  7. I laughed out loud the whole time I read this. Then, hours later, I read it to two of my daughters and laughed out loud again. Very funny and, oh so true!

  8. I laughed out loud when I read this. Then, hours later, I read it to two of my daughters and laughed out loud again. So funny and, oh so true!

  9. Earthquakes...definitely earthquakes. We just had one on this side as you surely heard. You'd think the 4 horsemen were riding across the sky. If I had a nose like that, I would break it out as I saw them come through the clouds. As so many people are, they surely would be scared and leave me alone. Four horsemen, my nose!

  10. I think it is totally appropriate for any stressful occasion: running out of coffee, bra strap breaks, discover I got old behind my own back...you know...the big stuff!!

  11. I was thinking Patch Adams too! Must say I'm not into clowns either, never was. But I do like the idea of an emergency clown nose to try to cheer things up. :o) Happy Days, Natalie ((HUGS))

  12. ack! Clowns have to be one of the scariest creations around! I think Jingles the murdering clown from Days of our Lives soap opera...thanks to my mom for traumatizing me as a preschooler. ;-)


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