Thursday, February 23, 2006

Other Blogs Do It Better...

Enjoy... not martha

Vegan Lunch Box... there's so much out there. I was going to write about the immunization cards once again spontaneously disappearing, and about how much work is not getting done, even though I am working. Forget it.

Guess what... Maria is walking. Yup. She took her sweet time about it, but as I suspected she's a natural. She simply had to decide that she wanted to walk. Today she has been cruising all over the house. She moves so smoothly it's almost like floating. Her balance is refined and graceful, which is not the typical image of a new walker.

I keep thinking that Chickenblog has run its course. It began in a faraway place, a long time ago. Maybe it just needs to go on hiatus. I don't even know what hiatus means, but if it means take time off to regroup and find new purpose, then it's the right word. In the beginning I was not sure what blogging was for. Sometimes it seems like the right vehicle for getting across a message, sharing some news, but most recently it's felt somewhere between useless and self absorbed. There are millions of blogs out there. So many photos and words and opinions, talents, views, gifts, and useless things too. I think I need to step back for a while. I'll sit quiet for a bit, then I'll probably be overcome by the irresistible urge to spout deep thoughts and other musings...


  1. You're the original and still the best, Natalie.


  2. Oh, please don't take away Chicken Blog! I really enjoy reading your musings.

  3. I miss blogging. I still *write* in my head all the time. The kids do or say something and I think of adding it to Chickenblog. Thank you for telling me how you feel about Chickenblog.


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