Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Buttermilk Biscuits in a Blue Dress

Maria couldn't wait for me to hem her new dress. She twirled and whirled the whole day, so I feel successful. When we sat in the shade of the oak trees, at the Renaissance Faire, I pinned and basted the gatherings on the four rows that make up the skirt. I love having handwork available when I am having a quiet moment. New patterns, like new recipes can be a bit tricky and slow, but now that I have finished this dress, I am anxious to try another variation. Of course... something like Meg's blouse. She's Sew Liberated!

The biscuit recipe was a new one, and I substituted butter for the shortening. Needless to say, with all of that butter, they came out very tasty. The best part though was sharing the hand mixing part with Maria and then rolling and cutting together too. She was up for the whole process! With the last bit of dough she spent another half hour rolling, cutting and dusting everything with flour.

I will have to thoroughly shake-out her dress before I finish the hem. I wouldn't want to wash it before hemming it, even though the edge is pinked. Over the years I have periodically sewn a few garments. It's not always easy to rationalize sewing clothes over buying them, when it goes as slowly as it does for me. Still, it's nice to know how to sew clothes and to have the option to make the styles I like.

I know the boys would love it if I dedicated myself to outfitting the family in Renaissance fashions. Throughout the day we were offering suggestions for our family guild. How about a Biscuit Guild?


  1. Maybe the Biscuit Guild could get together with the royal family of the Laroccashire!
    -Queen Anna Banana

  2. Sweet little dress Natalie. Maria looks so pretty in that colour.

    Making dress ups for the family is a great idea too!

    Biscuit Guild - yeah, why not?

  3. I love that last photo of Maria...please tell her that her biscuits look delish!

    The dress is so super sweet too!

  4. With a darling little model like that, how can you resist making twirling dresses??

  5. Just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I hope it's ok, I've added you to my list. I so enjoy looking at your pictures. Thank you for sharing!

    p.s. I LOVE your writing style!

  6. A sweet dress for a sweet little girl! She looks stunning in blue...
    (My daughter is just the opposite of yours,with blond hair and green eyes.)

  7. too lazy to read your words, but your pictures tell a wonderful story - Maria's so in the moment, lovely!

  8. It is so COOL that you can sew clothes. (Hmmm, I sewed pajama bottoms and shorts in high school, for home economics class. I don't remember how to do that anymore...) And it looks like you and Maria had a lovely, biscuit-y time together. *heart*


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