Monday, April 14, 2008

We Should Start A Guild

At the market these peppers called my name.
In crisp peppery voices they said, "Psst. Natalie, come here. Check us out. Wouldn't we smell marvelous roasting on your stove-top? Take us home. Make chile rellenos. I promised a friend the recipe, and I think it would be a great one for documenting.

Making chile rellenos is quite an undertaking, and one I haven't tackled in almost a year. The beauty of these fresh Anaheim peppers, the saturated tones of the bells is inspiring.

The light box has its own home on the new school desk, which makes it extra convenient for a quick photo session. It's also comes in very handy for the latest family obsession... producing our own stop-motion animations. Alex, William and Max are thrilled with the new set-up and software. Years ago they mastered the Lego program. It's good they have a chance to reacquaint themselves with this process and art. Look for our YouTube links soon!

The changes we are making to the schoolroom and the garage/sewing room are coming along nicely. The latest ambition is to finish a hanging screen that will keep cats and children inside, while allowing fresh air to enter through the open garage door. Geoff set up a power strip, so the sewing machine is plugged in. I bought a 3rd table, because Alex and Max were drawn to the cleared space and wanted to work on their robotic and mechanical inventions. I like having their company. The room is taking on a creative vibe.

I have never, ever had a cutting table. A cutting table is an awesome tool. Maria and I spent an evening cutting a pattern for pants and a dress. She pinned her bunny drawing and thoughtfully measured and cut her handmade pattern, while I pinned and cut the pieces for her new wardrobe.

Yesterday we ran away and joined the Faire, and we would have stayed forever, living in a canvas tent and wearing tunics, boots, fairy wings and Irish skirts, but we do not have a guild. We really must form our own guild. Cooking, inventing, artists with interests in science and farming, handwork, singing weird songs and relaxing in the shade... we'll make our family crest and heraldry soon.

Max tried archery, which is a favorite activity of his. He is quite skilled with a bow and arrow.

In spite of the 98 degree temperatures we did and saw a lot. Geoff documented some of the elaborate battles and other faire activities. He has a new hobby too. Our guild will include stop motion and slow motion photography. More about our day at the faire later. It's time to open books and sharpen pencils.


Lesley said...

Hiya Natalie! I've often thought about converting the garage into a studio. I often paint inside, and try as I may, paint gets everywhere, even when I'm not being particularly splashy.
I have the spare bedroom set up as a sewing room, but everything always gets chucked in there. So when i want to sew, I have to clean it all up to begin.
I'm so gad I missed the weird heat - yuck! It's going to be cool tomorrow, so I've got the washing out to dry, making the most of the sunny breeze today.

Laura Jane said...

Great to see your lightbox set-up.

The new garage/creative room looks very stimulating - what a shot in the arm for you all, and a defining space for the school room.

And a cutting table...drool, what luxury!

I've been op-shopping this morning and have the DAY to myself. I really should get a wriggle on and make the most of it! Perhaps setting out / tidying a space for me to SEW!

Tracy said...

98 degrees??!! It's barely getting to 50 here on a sunny day *SIGH* But your pinic looks such fun, and give me hope for future picnics here! Can't wait for more about the chilies. Very exciting with your home improvements...your sewing room sounds terrific...A table just for idea of heaven--LOL! Oh, and fun to see your photo shoot in progress...Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

Ah, the undeniable attraction between a child and a cleared, vertical surface -- it's universal, I think! As soon as I clear ANY table or counter in the house, Dean moves right in with a project with a lot of pieces.... Can't wait to see the movies and the recipe, or the results of all the sewing. It's 30 degrees outside right now and there's a chance we'll get up to 50 today. Sigh. Do you have space in your yard for a home archery set? We spend a lot of time in warmer weather practicing with ours and we all really enjoy it.

amy smith said...

you are amazing. really. wish me and my little people could come spend a day with you and your little people.

Tarie said...

Chile rellenos -----> DROOL

And, ooohhh, the family creativity room (garage) sounds inspiring!