Saturday, May 31, 2008

Housing Saga Chapter 42: Journey to Our American Dream

So, we survived the landlord visit. We were determined to loathe and despise the prospective tenants, our usurpers, but of course they seemed like extremely likable people, good looking, with a baby and toddler. I shake an angry fist at their niceness!

There are degrees of cleanliness and I believe we achieved a level best described as sanitary, safe and homey. *Homey* is my favorite euphemism... it can forgive a multitude of domestic sins. Scented candles are also handy.

Now we wait. Why is this a recurring theme in our quest for the American Dream? Some of you have asked about our trailer with land offer and the only answer I can provide is: We are waiting to learn more. It seems we chose a complicated fixer-upper... why is this a recurring theme in our quest for the American Dream?

Well, the landlord is gone, the house is sanitary and homey... time to bring the chicks out of hiding...


  1. Love the picture I got of you shaking your lovely fists at 'niceness'. Your humour is priceless Natalie. XO

  2. I had to smile where you write "time to take the chicks out of hiding". You are undeniably a genuine person, Natalie! I like that! Writing one's innermost thoughts takes courage.

  3. and seriously, pip's eyes...
    she had me at peep.

  4. So one hurdle leaped -- that's good. And chicks out of hiding, even better. And having the usurpers seem nice takes away the need to spend unnecessary energy there so that works, too.


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