Monday, June 30, 2008

Con Dios

Gracias abuelo.

Recordando días y noches en la iglesia...
Mas crecer en la gracia, y en el conocimiento de nuestro Señor y Salvador Jesucristo.
A él sea la gloria hoy, y para siempre. Amen.
2 Pedro 3:18

Recordando su voz, y su cariño. Recordando el campo, El Valle, Ojo de Agua, y su poder...
Te adoro abuelo.


  1. Hey sis...I wish we could be in El Valle with the family to remember together. I'm sure you feel the same. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Tina

  2. Thinking of you and your family with warm love and hugs.

    Its been such a year...

  3. Con Dios indeed.

    I love you, Natalie. I'm sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and your family this morning with much lov and tenderness.

  4. How you must miss him already. Hugs, Natalie.

  5. Oh Natalie... I so wish I could send you a real squeeze across these miles, I hope you know we're all thinking of you as you miss your abuelo. Lots of Love!

  6. praying for you in these days friend.
    know that i would take the ache away if i could...

  7. Abrazos bien fuerte. Lo siento tanto Natalie. Quidate. XO

  8. I'm so sorry - I had no idea this was your grandfather until I read Jennifer's blog this morning.
    Honestly, things will have to start going your way very soon...
    Much love



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