Sunday, June 29, 2008

House Hunting... From Chickens Who Blog

Riding home from Oregon, we couldn't help but do a little house hunting. We should have asked to ride down some country roads, because we think it's farm houses and off the beaten path kind of places we are really attracted to. However, if offered a home in town... say a place with integrity and character, something with history and interest... we could be persuaded...

Big enough? Likely, yes, but a bit ornate. Besides we don't think that fence would keep the riff-raff out. Pass.

This may be too small, but it does have its charms. We wonder how far back the yard goes? Is there room for a workshop, a pool, veggie beds, goats, an orchard?

If there's no yard in the back, then forget about it. Otherwise We kind of like the side by side aspect. One for us and one for guests? Wonder if we could modify them and create a secret passage between them? Secret passages, attic rooms, gables, window seats, built in shelves, natural light... bonus points for all of the above.

Hmmmm... too many floors. We know very well those extra floors would be an unwelcome obstacle on cleaning day(s.)


Modest. We like the colors... very fresh and cheery. Looks well built, but not over built. There's still room to add our personal touches. Secure, snug... good and good.

We'll take it! Love the kitchen, the yard, the open floor plan... the whole look of bringing the outdoors in... we love that look!

Oh, and it's mobile. Unexpected, yet practical. Somewhere the grass is always greener and we'll have the option of moving there. Hard to believe this was a picnic table. We really must thank the architect and the builders. Our new home is just right.

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Playing a Meme with Anne.

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."

Here goes, and mind you I have decided to really let it all hang out... it's what girlfriends do.

A. Habits, Quirks and Facts
1. Even though I am fat, I secretly feel happy and comfortable. Why secretly? Women are trained to be small, admonished and ridiculed for being bigger than they are... When I forget that I do not look like a supermodel or like the many residents of our body conscious neighborhood, I feel just fine, curvy and capable, strong and full. When I see that clothes made for the masses do not fit me, when photographs of me do not match airbrushed celebrity faces, then I feel ashamed and low, and very small.

2. My chickens blog. Actually they have to tell me what to say and I post it for them. They make a mess of the keyboard, otherwise I'd let them take care of the whole thing.

3. I am censoring myself, because a surprising number of habits/quirks and facts about me, at this time, are not happy. I am trying to avoid these facts, but I will acknowledge that it's an issue.

4. Every time I type "chicken," it comes out cchiekcen, chikcen, or chckine. It never comes out right the first time. Same with "because." "Because" always comes out becuase.

5. My highest Tetris score was 154,000 and I love it when the rocket launches.

6. I have 2 beautiful quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

7. I wish I could fly. Me. Over hills and along the coast, just flapping my arms or floating magically. I dream of it. I know what it would feel like, as though I am missing something I used to do all the time. My second wish is to be able to sing. I imagine singing would be like flying.

B. 7 People to Play Along
1. Tarie
2. Amy
3. Em
4. Pam... She did it!
5. Carol. Carol, you should have a blog. I think you would have such excellent things to share.
6. JenniferYes, she did it too!
7. Cristina

C. I do tag "whoever wants to do it," because I am a rebel.

Looking back... 6 years ago today.


Tarie said...

Ah, house hunting. That is what my brothers and I need to do now... again...

This is a great post! :o) Happy Sunday, Natalie!

Sara said...

Those ornate Victorian houses are quite amazing to me. I could look at them all day. When we got to The Carter House Inn, I had an "aha!" moment. I've made reservations in past years there for my boss when he traveled up that way for university business at Humboldt State. I knew it was "old-fashioned" but it isn't what I expected it to look like.

Your meme answers were very interesting. I like that you tag whoever you want because you are a rebel. I never tag anyone when I do a meme, for the same reason!

Em said...

ARG! Tagged again! I love your pictures of all of the victorian houses, I love them!!! If I could have a decent sized one on say, 25-30 acres, I would be VERY HAPPY! I'll do your tag later this week... I'm working on some sewing stuff right now!

Tracy said...

Such fun, Natalie! Loved reading your meme...And those houses are incredible! I'll take that sweet, charming aqua-blue & white place! ;o) We're off to London tomorrow for a week's vacation--can't wait! I plan on at least one very photo-heavy post while we're there--LOL! Look forward to catching up with you when we get back. Happy Summer Days to you all ((HUGS))

nikkipolani said...

Natalie, that first house was a bit... emphatic. And I was delighted to discover it was the chickens blogging and house hunting! About #1, it's a shame we can't get those supermodels out of our brains.