Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back to School?!
At least 5 different people have asked, "Where are the boys going to school this year?" And, "When does school start?" The homeschool program we were enrolled in is not an option any more, so I knew this issue was waiting for me. Waiting and waiting and waiting. Since we are house hunting, I hoped (prayed, pleaded, begged, wished and bargained) that the new address would resolve the which school issue. Rather than risk having to switch districts, campuses, or programs in the middle of the year, I thought: Wouldn't it be wonderful to be settled in to our own home, with the chickens safe and free-ranging, the dishes unpacked and the children running around the yard, and then we would know exactly where to enroll them in school? Indeed. Fairy tale stuff. It ain't goin' down that way.

If I gamble that we are going to wind up in Area A., then we have to get our applications in tomorrow and Alex has to be at his desk the first week of August. Max starts soon after. If we choose to keep them closer, or in Area B., then we need to make those arrangements, but it severely limits our options and makes renting for another year the most likely path. Area A. is a long drive. Area B. is too frickin' expensive.

Hey. We made another family excursion. Another stay-cation, if you will. This time we left the bicycles at home, and we went on a hike.

Can you find Max?

Why does summer have to end?


  1. lovely and beautiful... and the hike looked great too.
    school shmool.
    it's over rated.

  2. It looks like the family had a great hiking day. Very cool that the trail has a box of walking sticks that you may borrow.

    Good luck with choosing schools for the kids. Are they looking forward to it?

  3. I'm just wondering why the homeschooling program is no longer an option and wishing that it were....

  4. With the price of gas these days area B might be more attractive, lol. I hope you can get those chickens out on the range soon!!

  5. Looks like a perfect day!
    I gotta tell you, though.... I am afraid of chickens. I think they are beautiful and I love to look at them. But those delightful photos of your handsome children holding them....yipes.

  6. Summer doesn't have to end! We live in Sunny So Cal! Especially if you homeschool! You guys were made to homeschool, I think! Just do it! LOL! Love to ya!


  8. I hear you about the summer ending. We just got rid of snow a couple months ago and it's already starting to cool down...not that it heated up too much ;-)

    love the pic of Alex in the tree!

  9. oops...I mean Max in the tree...his camouflage worked so well I didn't recognize him.


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