Friday, July 25, 2008

Is She Is or Is She Ain't?

I can almost make light of this. Almost. If there were other indicators that our life is headed for calmer waters, if things were just a bit brighter and shinier, I might not burst in to tears every time I hear Amelia yodel in a cockophonous manner. 6 a.m., 0'dark hundred in military time, is her warm-up performance, and today she has extended the concert to a late morning matinee. She? She?! Would it even matter if she started laying eggs this very day? No, as long as she crows, none of our neighbors will give a flying fowl what she lays.

We can agree or disagree about whether or not I am funny, but there is no disputing that I try to use humor as a defensive shield. Even with that in mind, I find I cannot see the humor in this. My shields are down and so is my spirit.

Okay, maybe it's a little bit funny, but only as a dark comedy, or tragic comedy, but it's not going to be the least bit funny when I have to send Amelio away. Maria still asks us to bring back Pip. The way she sees it, Pip was a good guy and his time-out has gone on long enough. I don't even know where to go, or how to do it. I am a lousy farm girl. Feh.

They love Amelia. We all do. I wish we were home.

It could be worse. I know that, but somehow I find no comfort in the thought that other people are hurting, sad or are worse off. Even news of the oh-so predictable housing bubble debacle offers me little joy. I need some escapist, trivial, lighthearted diversion... maybe even something super Geeky...


Dani said...

I'm so sorry.:( We had to get rid of our Aloe and Shirley about 3weeks ago when they started crowing. Very sad, and it's hard since you've already bonded. Hopefully our next shipment of chicks will be all females like we ordered.

Anna Banana said...

Maybe Judy's next door neighbor wants Amelio. They have a dozen hens and turkeys. Shall we drop by and ask?

In the meantime, here's my chorister friend Libby (long blonde hair) with her review of Comicon. She sang there last night:

"The concert last night went well- not without some personal phooey moments- but the overall effect was good, and the audience seemed to enjoy the show. Video game music is very much like movie music, only with geekier fans, I think. Several of the composers made cameos during the show, as did a few big-name designers. There was a featured piano soloist whose claim to fame is millions of hit on the YouTube video in which he plays the Mario Theme while blindfolded (he did for us, too).

There were people in elaborate costumes, crowd participation numbers, including a guy who had to be the mothership in Space Invaders and scuttle back and forth across the stage, and the winner of the pre-show Guitar Hero contest who played along with us on Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" (bleah) onstage. He was supposed to win a laptop computer if he got 200K+ points on "hard," but the show-off played on "expert" and surpassed 200K even before he got to the big solo. Damned impressive to watch. The only truly annoying thing to me was the fan costume contest, which, in the not-so-grand tradition of Fantasy/Sci-Fi conventions, was won by a hot girl in a skintight PVC costume. That in itself wasn't so annoying- the costume was really well executed- but instead of announcing that she'd won a cool prize like they did for the guys who got up and played games onstage, they just had her walk across the stage to bring the host his Spiderman electric guitar. Not surprising, but still, GAG."

It's ok if you don't have the energy to go...

amy smith said...

oh natalie.
i am sorry.
i hurt for you.
"I wish we were home." made me cry.
can't you just hide them? can't you loan them out to someone who needs some fertilizer?
any news on the trailer with land?

Mama Spark said...

Oh man. I tried so hard to cause a diversion with that hottie in the green quilt. Are you trying to tell me I need to find something every day? Have you gone back to the quilt shop's blog. You remember, the one by your home? It had some great stuff on it! There, that is today's diversion, ta da!

Alisha said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Living with chickens, especially in a neighborhood, can swing from moments of pure bliss to absolute paranoia.

We've found success in putting our birds up at night in a closed, air conditioned coop. We let them out in the morning so nobody's sleep is disturbed. In truth, when our big girls get to squawking, they are much louder than our little Bantam rooster, Mr. Joy!

Good luck!