Friday, September 19, 2008


I had to keep it real, which typically means being glaringly honest, but it's not fair to paint chickens as completely without redeeming qualities. My last remarks, about their less than glowing characteristics, was colored by having just cleaned out their coop. Er... Swabbing down the poop deck, as we pirates like to say. Gee, some things really do feel better when spoken in pirate!

The lady geek at "Farm Natters" reminded me that the chicas have much about them to love. Their feathers really do smell sweet, especially when they've been dozing in a fresh pile of clean straw. In the evening, when they're too mellow to be flighty, they are fun to sit with and hold. Their feet are surprisingly soft and very warm on the underside, their pads. And yes D.A., those fuzzy bottoms... I guess we were including that under the general heading of "funny." Ruffly, downey, ample chica b00ties are very dear. Bug eating= awesome. Dear Diane spotted another thing to love about the chicas: Their sleek feathers are pretty, and just under their feathers they are warm and downey. And thank you Chris, who is not "completely whacked," for pointing out to me that there is something spiritual about chickens and what they do for my soul. They have tiny heads and tiny thoughts and they do their best to get on with their silly day and it's a calming, amusing, endearing sight to witness. And we have to mention "dust baths." Dust baths is in the Top 5 of Reasons to Keep Chickens. A sigh of relief just naturally alters my state, even thinking of them. Unless, I've been swabbing the poop deck!

Now, don't forget: It's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ooh arggh, ye land lubbers, sail over to "Farm Natters" and watch the very important, yet dazzlingly entertaining, documentary about preventing scurvy reclaiming our rightful treasures keel-hauling the White House lawn, because food matters!

Now step in to the galley fer yer hardtack and ale... these "Cake Wrecks" be the height of hilarity, but I think the professional bakers responsible will be walkin' the plank.

Blast! The crew be stirring and I has to be setting the mainsail. We're short a man, since Chango the Pirate Cat, is recovering from an emergency procedure. Yesterday was a nail biting day. Seriously. Releasing my inner Buccaneer has been great fun, so I give ye fair warnin'... avast me hearties, I may be back for more!


  1. You learn something new every day: chicken feet are soft :-)

  2. "Releasing my inner Buccaneer" be too hilarious! Thanks fer t' laugh!

  3. Oh yes, Cake Wrecks is a hilarious blog. I found it a few weeks ago and had such a laughing fit that my husband thought something was wrong with me. Then I emailed it to a friend who reported back that she also had a laugh attack. Great stuff! Guaranteed to make any day more sane by comparison. :-)

  4. I wasn't sure where 'cake wrecks' was going to take me, but I'm glad I went -- what a riot! Makes me want to re-think my approach to cake decorating (you know, for those, ah, one or two cakes a year maybe that get "decorated"). Part of having a pet, right?, is falling in and out and in love again. Peep, peep....

  5. Holy cow... I'm not good at the pirate talking stuff. I'm glad you've remembered the lovely things about your chicas!

  6. Aaarghhh, swabbin' t'poop deck reminds me of having to clean the fish tank at the kindy where I worked for a while: since then I have NEVER wanted to have fish as pets!

    I didn't know chicken feet were either warm or soft. Amazing.

    Avast thee!


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