Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Birds

It is The Bird House after all.
I got inspired, this year, to go for a Halloween theme with an Alfred Hitchcock nod...

No, I won't be actually watching the movie, at least not when Betty or Maria are in the room, but I love the trailer!

Look out!
When you step inside, you will get the feeling that a whole murder of crows has descended!

They're watching...

and closing in!

No. No, I definitely would not let the chickens see that movie.

Happy October everyone!


  1. I adore crows and have always wanted to decorate with them! They look awesome.

  2. I love blackbirds, entirely. I understand them to be incredibly intelligent, and they are masterfully beautiful....

  3. It reminds me of the time I came home from work and discovered a bird flapping around the living room. It had come down the chimney so it was all sooty black and looked just like one of your crows. It kept hitting the ceiling and got black marks all over. I finally opened all the windows and it flew out.

  4. Love love this series of photos, Natalie! The birds know you have a bird house :-)

  5. Weird. I actually watched that movie last week. This decor looks great!

  6. We love crows too. We really do get to enjoy a variety of bird species in our community, and so going with this theme has been a good bit of fun!
    Thinking I would miss them after Halloween, I decided to let festive birds decorate our home for all the holidays this season. Three French Hens!? How could I resist?


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