Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This Is A Good Very Awesome Day!

Shhhhh! I gotta a little secret. We are meeting our Portland Family, face to face, hug to hug, for the very first time ever! Ever-ever! Maria thinks it is happening on Friday, and she is keeping a happy countdown, but I am about to make a magical day for her, and me, and any other Birds who want to take liberties with their regular schedule.

So! I am giddy with anticipation, and feeling a bit reckless about breaking a rule or two, but any Moment now we will be enjoying a day that has been a long time coming!

Janece, Paul, Amira... we are rising and shining, and loving this very awesome day!


Kate said...

Oh how fun! Take pics of Maria's reaction. The joy!

judy in ky said...

Yay for a magical day! Good for Maria! Enjoy it!

Janece said...

"Comfy shoes: check
Cleaned out purse: check
Up before the sun: check
Feeling like I could burst from excitement: check
Ready to meet the Moments? Yes, for seven years!
October 4, 2011
5:55 am"

Brought tears to my eyes. So, so, so looking forward to seeing you in a few days. It was so incredible spending the day with you four.

When we split up, Amira said to me with sad eyes: "I don't like when friends part." I totally understood.

Love you!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It was amazing. You would think those two girls grew up together, always knew each other... they did not 'meet.' They were reunited.