Thursday, February 09, 2012

Put A Brownie On It

I was about to go see my friend, and I realized this would be a nice opportunity to share one of my crocheted kitchen towels with someone really special. But then I thought: this looks a bit lonesome... like it wants a purpose.

So I put a brownie on it.

That's better.

And if you are looking for something indulgent, tasty, easy, and slightly tweaked for the health(ier)... then try this:

Get a box of Trader Joe's Brownie Truffle mix... it's an additive free, no dyes mix, and makes really luscious dessert. I prepare it with a light cooking oil (4 ounces,) but this time I finely grated half of a medium zucchini into my measuring cup, and then added oil to make it 4 ounces of zukes and oil. The rest was as directed on the box... they came out as yummy as ever, less greasy, slightly more cake-like, and definitely moist. Just good, you know? One advantage of having seven in the house, frequent visitors, and special friends: baked goods get divided up, and disappear fast!


  1. That looks beautiful... good enough to eat. :) I have a box of that mix in my cupboard, I will try that this weekend. There are only two in my house, but baked goods still disappear alarmingly rapidly here, too.

  2. put a brownie on it might just solve most of my problems. :)
    looks delicious- and I love the crocheted towel! Gorgeous work.

  3. Oh my, now I've just remembered I was supposed to, remind Miss Chef to find her zuchinni & choc. cake recipe. Ahem. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe. If I remember. :)

    Now it is lunchtime in NC and have brownies on my mind...errmmm...

  4. I think you have stumbled on the cure for EVERYTHING. Got a problem? Just put a brownie on it, and things will be instantly better. I think I intuited this from an early age - it would explain my lifelong obsession with all things brownie.

  5. I agree. Brownies fix most everything.

  6. Isn't everything better with a little something baked with love?

  7. I am loving all of this consensus we are enjoying over brownies. Wouldn't it be great if we could meet, in person, and discuss this further, over brownies, of course!

  8. Haha, i know! I come from a large family, and I expect lots of ppl to help me get rid of the desserts f-a-s-t! Now that I'm on my own, I make a lot of friends that way! :)


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