Monday, February 06, 2012

Chicken Stitch

Little Debbie,
Come to see what I have in my basket?
Sorry, it's not treats.
Well, not for

I am still working on my sewing basket. It has to be purse-like, too. Keys, camera, phone, id, first aid, provisions, flashlight, carabiners, sonic screwdriver... I need all of this handy + the supplies I like for embroidery, mending, and crochet. I did not give up on my idea of making a sewing roll, though I still kind of slacked on the planning stage. Still, I like my flannel soft carrying case.

Recognize Anna Maria's Folksy Flannel? I don't have the entire collection, but I feel really good about finally having the nerve to cut into this one piece I have been hoarding safely stowing for something special. It's pretty and soft, and it makes me happy just looking at the colors and print.

And the kitty? Well. That is Maria's portrait of Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat. Do you see the soft and woolly resemblance? She and I are learning how to needle felt. He is our second or third attempt. Are we ever hooked! Needle felting is easy, fun, easy, fun, meditative, and fun. She drew the kitty, and got started felting his cheeks, and then she asked for help, and then I couldn't stop... she helped, but I helped a lot. The next project she assured me she could do all by herself. And she did.

Since I had no idea what to do with a small felted portrait of our cat, I decided to use it as the backing for the pin cushion... some extra security against needles poking through from the inside. He is also a pocket. And naturally I added blanket stitching, and crocheted the outer edge.

Inside is a small, felted heart for needles and pins, and a heavy pocket for the little scissors. When I realized I had nothing to secure the scissors, and keep them from flying out, I added a button and catch loop. All is secure, and pretty.

This pouch, cut with pinking shears from a scrap of wool, holds my smallest crochet hooks. Another button and thread loop keep the hooks safely stowed.

Four tiny hooks, and plenty of room for more. I guess I can bring along bigger hooks, too, for days when I am making hats, and blankets. The pretty embroidery is on a vintage apron I picked up from the thrift store... I am getting to the point where I wear my aprons most days, and I may just give up taking them off before leaving the house.

More cotton Perle, ready to play with. I love that they are tangle-proof and easy to carry, and after I secure their label, and wrap the Perle on the clothes pin, I can be sure I will not lose track of what color I am working with.

For no particular reason at all, I am looking forward to adding more features and details to my sewing case. It feels like a soft and enticing invitation to enjoy myself, and that's kind of nice. A treat, for me.

Betty would sew. I'm sure of it. She has an eye for detail. I think she would wear aprons, too, if they came in her size. Happily, I am not the only one around here who fancies a bit of chicken whimsy. The other day, Maria was illustrating chicken weddings, with extra drawings of the hen bride's dress, and all the flower girls' pinafores.


Tracy said...

Ooo... LOVE all this fiber goodness and prettiness, Natalie... And perfect with a little bit of chicken thrown in too. ;o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Miriam said...

I showed the photo of Betty to our chickens and they sighed at the sight of all that fresh green grass - it will be a while before they see any of that here!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Tracy. I have many weaknesses, but fabric and chickens are always at the top of my list. Happy days and many warm ((hugs)) to you.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Oh, those poor chooks! They would be welcome here, you too.
We need jet packs, or spacious dirigbles... I fancy a drawing of that!

d.a. said...

I must have missed it... is Kamen integrated back into the flock full-time now? Or is she still healing, and so is only doing supervised outdoor jaunts at the moment?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

After about two weeks of *supervised* visits, and moving the rooster out of the equation: Kamen is one of the flock, again. I can hardly believe that she recovered at all, and now it's almost impossible to tell she was ever injured.

d.a. said...

Hooray, Kamen!

Anonymous said...

Excited to be your newest blog follower! i love your little needle case.

judy in ky said...

Your sewing basket is such a happy looking project. I can see where Maria gets her creative spirit.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Good morning, Alexis, and thank you for following, and commenting, too. That needle case is simple-simple to make, and now that I've done it, I am eager to try another. It's nice to *meet* you!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It has made me happy... ah, simple pleasures!
And as for creativity... well, I just try to keep up with Maria. She has ideas pouring out of her, all the time!
Judy, do you have any happy projects going on? I find it therapeutic to immerse myself in something easy and relaxing (what a luxury for me!!).