Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Now This is Interesting

Did I get your attention? Ready for the big news?

The oven is heating!

Everyday, since December 31, 2012 last year, we have tried in vain to get our oven to ignite-light-heat-work... anything! This morning Geoff was researching all the possible things that could be wrong with it. (I strongly suspect our appliance guy has given up on Thermafail.) Geoff is certain that the fan is malfunctioning, and in his free time he will see about replacing it.

In the meantime, the West is in a record breaking freeze, and all culinary hopes and cravings revolve around a working oven, baked goodness, roasted delights. We want our comfort foods! Hot from the oven!

So, as is our habit, we try our oven. Every morning, every afternoon. It is a moment of anticipation, of hopeful suspense, followed by crushing disappointment.

But half an hour ago... success! Armed with the knowledge that the oven is failing because of "a fan," I turned the knob, and opened the oven door and blew into the cavern that is our double-size Thermafail oven. Alex raised an eyebrow, as I crouched forward, looking like I was blowing out candles on a cake. But then we saw the arrow turning up, the temperature was rising. Alex crouched and blew out candles with me. Maria walked in and with amused incredulity asked, "What the heck are you guys doing?" A fair question.

On bended knees, Alex and I were wooing our Thermfail. Whispering sweet nothings into our oven's cold head. And. It actually worked! We really turned our oven on.

When it's so cold you wake your spouse, before dawn, and lure her out to the goat pen to carry two little goats into the house, upstairs, and into the shower stall... well, when it's that cold, you know you need a working oven and something fresh baked... not half-baked!


  1. Hurray for such sound hunches, and hunching down to give them a try! And the pitter-patter of little goaty feets.... hope the cold blows out and the oven stays on!

  2. Lovely puns throughout had me giggling. Axxxx

  3. I have a lacy fan you could borrow to woo your oven. Also, have you tried the penguin dance? Ruth

  4. yes yes.... today our low temp is 20 degrees higher than what our high temps have been. We are enjoying this "heat wave"!!!

  5. I have never heard of an oven like that. Why don't you just get a new one? It sounds too finicky to me. I do love the goat in the house, though. Very cute.

  6. Love that you have the goats in the house, they are just so cute! I had a cousin who adopted a goat and it spent so much time with the dogs it started to think it was one and ended up living in the house with them haha x

  7. Goats in the house?! Adorable.

  8. Could those goats get any cuter?

  9. Very cute! I've never seen a goat inside a house, I thought they should always be in the farm.


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