Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oooh That Feels Good

The sun is out and it's warm. Mmmmm-oh-mmmm it feels sunny good. It feels bright and healing and warm. Let us not underestimate the glory of warm.

It's bright out, yeah, Ada? It has been bright, clear skied, and sunny all week, but the sun was messing with us, and offering no heat.

I'm sorry... did you just snicker a little bit? Scoff, because this is California and we don't know "cold?" Sure, it's been colder here than places out east, Midwest cold capitals, places you'd expect frost and windchill. But, maybe you think we're just a wee bit wimpy about our winter weather? Yeah... you might be right about that. "Say a little prayer for us. We're suffering here."

Ada, they're laughing at us. In New York, in the North Woods. They're shaking their heads and wondering what we would do if our pipes froze, if we had to de-ice our surfboards. The truth is we don't live in a place that normally gets these low temperatures, and it catches us unprepared in our board shorts, and flip-flops. Our house has these ridiculous high ceilings, minimal insulation, and drafty windows, so if it's 50, or 40, or 30 degrees outside... it ain't much warmer inside! We set our thermostat to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I do not want to see this month's power bill.


Light, and warmth... mmmmmmmmm-oh-mmmmm does this feel good.


Jennifer said...

We're definitely sympathetic! My dad, who moved from Chicago to Florida when he retired, always used to make exactly your points -- that warm climate houses aren't built for cold weather, that habits and clothes aren't in sync, and once you're NOT used to it cold weather really is very difficult to deal with. Hope it's all rainbows and buttercups and bunnies and unicorns (as Dean would say) sooner than soon!

kara said...

I love that weather video clip--hysterical and totally true! Up here, when the freezing temperatures first started, there were severe weather alerts all the time warning our delicate little selves about what to do, and now, two weeks in to freezing night temperatures (when has that ever happened!?) They've STOPPED the warnings! That cracks me up... I guess they figure that by now, we know what to do with the icy roads and the freezing plants.

Alison said...

I only scoffed because I remembered your posts from this past fall, when you were wishing for cooler weather! But I forgive you, because--along with all your other gifts--you are so unerringly human. We all do it. :)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Geoff looks at me, incredulously, and reminds me of all my summer heat suffering, too! And I, too, am confounded, because I did yearn for cooler weather, for the delights of cold winter.
One thing... it's warm again, and just when I was getting acclimated to the cold weather, so it's kind of a challenge to get into a weather groove. I guess this is the consequence of Global Weirding. If I can be forgiven for being unerringly human... well, that's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Weather be dammed, I just want to scrub those little noses, and a few scratches behind the ears!
(th goats of course, not yours, haha!)

Jenn (in California)