Thursday, June 27, 2002

Support From the Scientific Community

Behavioralists in Wisconsin Draw Scientific, Highly Rational Conclusions From Raw Data and Other Ethnographic Evidence Gathered at Site of Pool Dig and Landscaping

Highly educated, and unbiased scientists, have meticulously and objectively sifted through the facts included and detailed in my accounts of life with contractors. They theorize that what we have here is a "study in human behavior," and more specifically, "alpha maleness and group dynamics." These brilliant thinkers recognize a classic pattern: "...males vying for attention from alpha female," and thereby seeking "affirmation of their maleness," while,"making sure other males are subordinate..." The critical, and most profound, finding of this scientific study, lies in their conclusion: "Only the Blogging woman has the ability to shoulder this unending need for affirmation..."

I am that woman! Science has made it all so clear! Maybe a little too clear. I'd better watch where I peddle my cupcakes. I'm a little creeped out by the idea of so much testosterone running all willy nilly around here, after all we have heavy machinery, open trenches and rebar sticking out of the ground. Someone's liable to get hurt. Human behavior is tricky stuff, and now that I have been advised by actual behavioralists, I am going to handle things more delicately, more conservatively. For one thing I am cutting way back on their popsicles, and I am also going to reemphasize that we do have 'indoor plumbing' available for their use.

All participants in this study of human behavior are exempt from taking "The Pool Quiz" and will be awarded the highly sought after "Lifetime Pool Pass" and "Lounge Chair Privileges." Others seeking praise and prizes need only to comment favorably, and in writing, to

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