Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Fiesta Update #4

Fiesta Update #1
Fiesta Update #2
Fiesta Update #3

Actually there is nothing to update. No one has called or emailed, with questions or suggestions. Nothing in the plans have changed. The dates, locations and cause remain the same. We are in a static state; bodies at rest, in equilibrium.

I hadn't started a party count down, but it has occurred to me that we are a mere 3 weeks from the day in question. Boy, did my stomach lurch. I suppose a hostess shouldn't confess panic, but I am proven unconvential and have come to terms with it, so 'no shame.' Also, I was not alone in my sudden fear. Grandma and I looked around, assessing damage, and estimating work load. It was the birthday woman herself who suggested we call it off! We laughed and surmised that it isn't too late to send off pretty little post cards that simply read "Never mind," or "Eunice is 80, and wiser. The party is canceled." All in jest.

We want you to come. Honest. We are looking forward to laughing and talking, dancing, and being surrounded by people we love. We want to eat cake and serve wine, and take pictures, and point out the unfinished pool. Max says he wants to play Loteria at Grandma's party. Alex is concerned that we haven't chosen a 'theme,' or picked up a pinata. I guess we all have our visions for what the day will hold.

My thought is that we'll gather, everyone traveling safely, and in joy we will celebrate the life a woman most cherished. Eunice is my ideal of a Christian woman, a sincere woman, mother, and dedicated wife. She is appreciative and kind. She nurtures every stem, and each bud in her garden. She is wise, but never a condescending or harsh judge. She reads. She reads a lot. She has the ability to reveal the little girl that still breathes in her soul; the imaginative, hopeful, expectant child. Grandmother is humble, modest and yet with the strength to persevere and make the best of any situation. I think we have all been touched, at one time or another, by her steadfast kindness, her generosity, her delicious cooking, or by the depth of her emotions, the sincerity of her being, the warmth of her smile. We will celebrate her life and we can celebrate the gathering of people whose lives are blessed and enhanced by her presence.

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