Saturday, July 27, 2002

Fiesta Update #5

Saludos Damas y Caballeros,

We have heard of several families booking hotels for the party, and Bill and Alison will be dropping in on Hans and Gretchen. It sounds as though everyone is finding shelter. Let us know if further assistance is necessary.

We aren't kidding about dancing and fun, so shine your shoes and press your petticoats. Also, we, here at El Rancho, have been hard at work in search of the best chocolate cake in town. The French bakery made one that was favored by William and Alex. Max preferred the Napoleon. Grandma likes cheesecake, but not the one with almond flavor. Her favorite, so far has been the German chocolate from the market. I'm thinking of trying out a carrot cake. Once a week we buy 3 different dessert slices and split them 7 ways, and then we constructively criticize. It's tough, but we want the best for our guests.

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