Friday, October 04, 2002

Halloween Mood

The boys have released Halloween and all the Fall decorations. Our cranberry sconce candles have been replaced by candy corn candles. There are pumpkins and a scarecrow in the dining room. We hung an autumn wreath by the front door. And in the living room a ceramic haunted barn is glowing and flickering a seasonal light.

I nearly baked a pumpkin pie. Our pantry is very well stocked, but I am short on crust ingredients. It's just as well. We can't have all our fun in one day. I am still delighting in the recollection of the carrot cake Janice brought us on Sunday. We will bake pumpkin pie this Sunday, after our visit to the pumpkin farm with Holly, Rich and Nicholas. If this weather remains until our harvest adventure, cold and drizzly, it will be an ideal day. I wonder when we can squeeze in apple picking.

The boys finished their homework early. They are in the living room debating which is the most appropriate October 1st movie to watch. They are eager to find something to match their Halloween mood; a little bit scary. "Meet Me in St. Louis" has a great Halloween scene with Margaret O' Brien. It captures the suspense of All Hallow's Eve, as well as the freedom children could enjoy in times past. Too bad we don't have it, or an animated Sleepy Hollow, or even a Laurel and Hardy short. William, Alex and Max are trying to choose between "Wallace and Gromit" and "Mary Poppins."

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