Monday, October 07, 2002

Brown Paper Packages

Coming home from a nursery run, I stopped at the bottom of the drive and Alex ran down to the mail box. We met in the house where his arms were full of mail, including 2 packages. It's evidence; sometimes we really do get what we don't expect, yet still dearly hope for. Ruth and Delia may be amused to see they both coincidentally fulfilled a wish of mine.

My Mom's package included an 'I Miss You Card' for her grandsons, and pictures from life in Oregon. A local dog was captured eating blackberries right off the bushes, there were scenes from a lumberjack competition. Our favorite is of 'Delia with her Dahlias.' She is beaming, surrounded by giant blossoms from her thriving garden. She has also been sending regular emails detailing her new adventures in her new state.

From Hawaii came a fat package including photographs from Ruth and Corm's Summer visit here, and more photos of farms for sale. The shot of Tutu and her first grand-'baby' standing back to back is very funny, and quite amazing. She's stretching every last bit of her height, but it's plain to see that even at only 11 years, William is taller than his grandmother. Alex was delighted to find Grandpa included a bag full of more guava seeds. Now that we have irrigation and things are kind of settled in the yard, we may have more success growing them.

Thank you Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas. We loved coming home to letters and pictures, and the good feeling knowing you are thinking of us. We are thinking of you too.

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