Sunday, October 13, 2002

"Ooph." I remember waking up and feeling ready to go back to bed. One of those nights. Now, after a long day, and one too many chocolate chip cookies, and pre-trip anxiety building up, I am highly primed for deep sleep. All that remains is to pajama Max, read to children, tuck all in, brush own teeth, lock up chickens, tuck in children again, get Max a glass of water, apologize to Grandma for skipping our Scrabble game, and attend to all other unforeseeable 'things.' Max is squawking; over tired. Geoff is singing the theme from "The Love Boat;" also tired, obviously. William and Alex are writing goofy stories about "Loverly forests and boarded up houses with endless roads, giant desert dwelling spiders and factories with circus tents." They are not nearly tired enough. All is well.
Good night.

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