Thursday, January 16, 2003

First Day of School and Other Signs of Maturity

Today was Max's first day of preschool. We enrolled him at the community center, and he'll go Thursday and Friday mornings. I wanted him to be comfortable about going, but I was a little pleased when just before entering he squeezed my hand and asked me to come too. "This is for you and the other children," I assured him. He let go and stepped forward.

I walked away, but I didn't let go. I hung out at the community center and caught up on paper work for William and Alex's curriculum, and I made 2 sneak visits to watch Max. He played outside and looked delighted. Later, he was on the area rug, stringing beads and still happy. So good. All around him were caring adults and creative outlets and small tables and bright colors. Good.

Meanwhile, Alex and William were home with Grandma. I left each of them with a list of chores and school assignments. "Get busy. I'll be home soon and I expect you to be ready to help me take Grandma to her doctor." William called me on my cell phone and asked for help with his math. "Alex is reading," he informed me. "And we finished our chores." By the time Max and I returned home, the boys were dressed and ready to do the day's errands. They did more school work in the doctor's waiting room, and driving home too. Very, very good.

Max liked his day and told his great grandpa all about it, or the highlights at least. Apparently there was some singing, and he also stamped a snowflake on his wrist. He said some children were his size and some were smaller. Alex pulled his list out of his pocket and beamed, "I did it all." William 'did it all too.' Max said sympathetically, "Mom, it's too bad you missed it all."

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