Saturday, January 11, 2003

What to Drive... ?

SUV, mini van, big ol' truck, sedan...we went on a phase 1, automobile scouting mission. The Big Blue Whale is not a complete beater, but it lacks some of the comforts and safety features of the modern vehicle, plus it's got this aroma... Anyway, it seems like a good time to at least educate ourselves; explore our options. After our first venture out to the car lots, I calculate that we need something smaller than the Excursion, but bigger than an Explorer. I like the safety of the Mercedes, but with the price and smell of a Honda. The Pilot is appealing, but lacks genuine 4x4 capabilities. The Odyssey rates highly, but the colors are lackluster. A previously owned Mercedes can come in at a fair price, but the rear seating is cramped.

Who remembers "Old Hat, New Hat?" The bear tries on every kind of hat and finds something wrong with each one; too bumpy, too flashy, too silly, too feathery. At the end of the story he walks away in his old felt hat. He looks satisfied.

7 seats
superior safety rating

euphoric sensation
pretty color
assorted features to engage Geoff's imagination


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