Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Classes for the boys are going well. Sort of. Max continues to excel in and enjoy gymnastics; it's hard to believe he has been attending for a year. Alex, once an enthusiastic hula dancer, was mortified when he found only girls and women at the dance class at the community center. To make matters worse the teacher told us the class was geared towards girls only. This friday he starts ice skating lessons. Wish us luck. William is half way through his singing class. Brave guy is singing show tunes with a bunch of girls. At least he is welcome in the class. He said yesterday he was so bored that he actually stopped thinking. "It was like meditating, but painful, " he groaned. He is enjoying tennis.

And at least I get to drive them to all these classes in my shiny new car! tehe. Yes, we committed. It only took 3 years of hemming and hawing. I had convinced myself that the Big Blue Whale was good enough; despite bad brakes, poor steering, doors that jammed, and mystery wiring. And for eight years it was good enough, but now we have something even more gooder.

We are still thinking up names for our white Honda Odyssey. "Jet Puff" is what I have been calling our plump marshmallow. We are so tickled and amused with ourselves. We grin broadly when we see other Odysseys, and we say clever things like, "You Odyssey our new car!" It smells good, and handles well. It has comfortable seats, and little hooks for plastic grocery bags to hang from. We have room for Grandma, Grandpa, William, Alex, Max, Geoff and me, and Diego the cat, who enjoys a road trip now and then.

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