Tuesday, February 18, 2003

The Crazy Rubber Duck Puzzlers

Max, Lily and Alex took time out from sightseeing to figure out this duck puzzle. 4 ducks going in different directions on 9 separate cards, and they need to be matched up in a 3x3 square! Got that? Max and Alex love puzzling, and now we know that Lily does too.

Eventually we convinced them to pack it up, so they could try again at the restaurant. Once we were settled in our favorite mountain eatery, Lily could really go at it and solve the mystery of the ducks. We were all impressed.

Lily was visiting all the way from the chilly north, Minnesota. Even though we are finally experiencing what amounts to winter weather, Lily probably thought it was more like early summer. We did our best to squeeze an entire summer's worth of sightseeing and vacationing in to one long weekend. Her dad (aka Grampa Phil) was glad to hear her drop her request for a horse; it seems she'll settle for some chickens! Lily will be missed by the chicas. She led them around the yard, digging up worms for them to slurp and gulp.

We tried to give Rosie a good general Southern California overview, since this was her first visit here. Coast, mountains, mercado, historic, and lots of eating! Also, Lily revitalized the Beanie Baby quest. We had a great weekend. Even as I catalog some of what we did, they are with Rich visiting the museums and park, then they'll be joined by Geoff and Holly for lunch, before their flight home this afternoon. I am guessing they'll have no problem catching an in-flight nap. It's fun sharing our neck of the woods with family and good friends and reminding ourselves of the beautiful places we can visit and enjoy.

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