Monday, May 19, 2003

Error Error Error

I have been warned: low memory has made it impossible for this program to run images. It seems my online family photo album has overloaded the entire www, or at least my minor corner of it...Guess I will have to postpone my elaborate "First Year of Chicken Blog Anniversary Extravaganza and Photo Gallery." Too bad. Geoff warned me about large images eating up the program memory, but I couldn't 'compromise' quality for quantity! Now even my computer is making its point clear, and the images are not coming up or they load too slowly for my 21st century patience. Aren't the trials of the middle class simultaneously tragic and ridiculous?!

There may be another way; perhaps create a link to a "Photo Blog." This is ironic, because when Geoff first set up Chicken Blog I came to the computer dragging my feet, reluctant, as usual, to learn a new technology trick. I am the type of person that pops popcorn on the stove top, enjoys handquilting, and pulling weeds. Geoff sat me down in front of our computer and rattled on about 'Blogging and Bloggers and writing pioneers, and the whole Blog frontier.' And I was sure I'd have little to say and I was even less convinced that what I could write would be interesting to others. One year later and I am still not certain whether I am interesting to others, but I sure have plenty to say! And now I am pestering for upgrades, memory, and more new tricks.

Last night I dreamt that I visited an old feed store that I used to walk to as a child. The details of grain sacks and tack were quite vivid. I was so absorbed in seeing the familiar shelves and products, and smelling the sacks of feed and leather saddles, that I resolved to look for the candy I was sometimes treated to. I walked around the store, never knowing what to expect to find, but all of it looking and feeling familiar. I was looking for Chick Sticks. I think I saw just about every other candy created including Marathon Bars, Fun Dips and wax soda bottles and bubble gum cigarettes, but no Chick Sticks.

I did see chickens though, and I thought 'to heck with Exotic New castle Disease!' I bought three hens. They were different from each other and different from the 3 chicas we have at home. I doubt they were any kind of real breed that exist outside of my dream. I loaded them in to my van...not the Odyssey, but one of those very old fashioned kind of delivery vans. And the chickens were roaming about in the empty back of the old van. That's all. Except I did begin to worry that my chicas would contract the disease, and I woke up with the uneasy feeling one gets from doing something hastily, thoughtlessly.

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