Friday, May 30, 2003

I heard a voice from the outside world; "need blog...must have blog!"
Someone is trying to break the spell of the Mac-Media iMovie.
I am in a trance.
I have not fed children or ironed husband's shorts.
I am a multi media, disc burning, movie making, memory momma!
Using this software and applying all our photos in an entertaining format
is simultaneously engrossing and aggravating.
Stuff fails or gets munched in cyber space,
but I come close to perfection,
so I can not stop.

Of course I am exaggerating a little. I have not completely neglected my domestic duties...I did do a load of laundry. Everyone: clean underwear is on my bed. And Alex has learned to make pancakes, so eat up! I even started the dishwasher and bought toothpaste and cat food. And I could never forget that this is Family Night. So, kids, who wants to drive to the Apple Store and force the sales boy to tell me the secret inner workings of iDVD and The Ken Burns' Effect?!

Last night my husband came home, grinning. Seems our local Public Radio station had a little trouble unloading some of their auction prizes. A lot of interesting items and unique opportunities were on the block for real cheap. Anyone tuned in to PBS Radio last night would have heard the last minute announcer's appeals for people to bid on beach walks and home baked pies, motorcycle tours and tennis matches; all with national and/or local radio personalities. Some of these opportunities were apparently too good to pass up! Stayed tuned for further updates...

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