Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Improving the Blog

New Features! Shiny Upgrades! More, Better, Gooder than before!

Yes, I am all excited about delving in to the inner chambers of Chicken Blog and figuring out, all by myself, how to add to the links and how to include "my nightstand reading."

I introduced "Winsome Ridge" and "Gator's Chicken Coup" before. I have added "Learning to Fly." It seems that sharing the story about Max and our journey to The Horse House caught Kelly's attention; she found Chicken Blog at the's just this great, big amazing web out there! Full of funny people, with similar concerns and needs, and cute kids, and dust bunnies. Later I'll get ambitious and add a few more websites that I frequently visit; some for laughs, some for insight, some for a little bit of everything.

On my nightstand is the book that I am currently reading, or reading most frequently. This nonfiction tale is a story about ambition and failure, love and triumph, and it really touched me deeply. The characters are dynamic, the settings genuine. "Jackalope" has a message, but it is delivered with humor and insight. I couldn't put it down. Really, the boys made me read it 3 times in a row, with character voices and regional accents.

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