Thursday, July 31, 2003

Sharing Harvests

KK's grapes and our tomatoes. Plenty.

We are beginning to enjoy the fruits of our labor, and our neighbor's labor too. KK brought us a huge bag of first crop grapes, yellow plums and candy sweet peaches. In Winter he kept us well stocked with avocados. His kindness extends beyond produce. KK and his wife Linda are warm and friendly neighbors that we know we can count on for favors and encouragement.

Our trees are producing figs now, and we have yellow and cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes have been sweet. The yellow tomatoes are very mild tasting. There are still plenty of giant carrots, and beets too. I should have taken a picture of the basket of beets I shared with my friends at Mom's Night Out. They are huge and with deep green leaves and saturated magenta spines. I'm inspired to make some beet juice today. The color is amazing when combined with carrots. Yum. Linda A. was looking forward to preparing a pickled beet recipe. I have never had pickled beets.

MNO Poker Party at Belinda's :: Yanina, Natalie, Belinda and Karen, Jola, Josie, Anne and Linda

And of course we are still getting eggs. Yanina was pretty surprised to find Gracie's green eggs in the basket of eggs I brought to B's house. Yep. Green eggs. They are pretty special. Even Max knows that Gracie's eggs are green, Rosie's eggs are long and rose brown, and Luna's are rounder, cafe au lait, with chocolate speckles.

I think "plenty" is our theme this week (maybe something to think of daily.) We have had plenty of work to do, cleaning out our overstuffed garage. Now we have plenty of things to share with our local St Vincent de Paul center. We have plenty of food from chickens and gardens, and better yet we have plenty of friends to share and exchange the harvests we enjoy. The pleasure of all we have feels plenty good, like a long, satisfying prayer of gratitude and joy.

Alex and Grandmother Eunice, enjoying the garden, our pets, the view, and good company.

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