Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Fresh space and new adventures. We don't know precisely what the draw is, but Max, Alex, William and I can't get enough of the new place. We were there yesterday, so we could see Geoff's new office. We brought family photos, kitchen supplies and other odds and ends, and we met the carpet layers; they couldn't lay the carpet in the bedroom, since the previous tenant had the power shut off. We hung and displayed pictures, Max and Alex worked on "Cat Tower," and William made an orienteering game for us. And we also played hide and go seek, and thought up game ideas for next week's Pirate's Halloween gathering. Max and Alex ate apples from the tree. I organized canned beans and tomato sauce. William drew ridiculous characters. We decided on what should go where, and Alex expressed his pleasure when he realized he could drop parachute men from the second story balcony. We look forward to seeing the cats climb stairs, and watching the hot air balloons that take off from an empty lot nearby.

The other thing we look forward to is knowing that Geoff's new office is a little more than 2 blocks away; a neighborhood walk, without any traffic at all. He and Tom signed the deal yesterday for the new space, and we got to have a peek. Modest, clean and very, very convenient; I think we are all happy.

After seeing the new company space, the boys and I had lunch, and then shopped at Target for hand soap, paper towels, and dish sponges. We took the loot back to the new place and kicked back awhile more. "When can we spend the night?" "When can we bring Nena, Chango and Diego?" "When can Grandma come?" "How many days until we move in?" These are questions to be grateful for. We are seeing things fall in to place, and finding comfort and many reasons to be excited for what comes next. I am relieved to see the boys' enthusiasm, and resilience; it eases my stress.

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