Thursday, October 02, 2003

Progress: Tomorrow we meet Bob, show him our application and hope to be his idea of good tenants. We are good (I'm not whining.) We really are. I remember the first time Geoff and I rented a place together. It was in "Squaremont," and we were barely out of our teens. We had enough money for rent and we weren't deviant, but we lacked the confidence, and self assurance, to believe we would be found acceptable. Now we have solid references, steady employment, and the look of respectability, and I feel as uncertain as I did the first time. Crud. It's a mixed bag I guess; I got carded buying wine tonight. Easy Cheeze, mini carrots, celery, roast turkey, cat litter, nonfat milk, Cheerios and 2 bottles of Valley of the Moon, not to mention three boys hanging all over me and asking for quarters. If Bob rents his place to us I will open one bottle of wine and toast life and all it's inconsistencies. Ditto, if he turns us down.

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